How to Stay Married: The Most Insane Love Story Ever Told by Harrison Scott Key

“How to Stay Married: The Most Insane Love Story Ever Told” is a book written by Greg Behrendt and Amiira Ruotola. The book is a humorous and candid exploration of their own experiences and struggles in marriage, offering practical advice on how to maintain a strong and loving relationship.

The central theme revolves around the ups and downs of marriage, as the authors share personal anecdotes and insights into their own journey. They discuss the challenges they faced, the mistakes they made, and the lessons they learned along the way.

Through witty and relatable storytelling, Behrendt and Ruotola offer valuable tips and strategies for communication, compromise, and sustaining intimacy in a long-term relationship. Their goal is to provide readers with a fresh perspective on marriage and encourage open and honest conversations to build a successful and fulfilling partnership.

“How to Stay Married” is not a traditional self-help book but rather a humorous and heartfelt account of the complexities of marriage. It serves as a relatable guide for couples seeking to navigate the challenges of married life with humor, love, and resilience.

10 Key Takeaways from How to Stay Married: The Most Insane Love Story Ever Told by Harrison Scott Key:

  • Humor in Marriage: Embrace humor as an essential tool to navigate the challenges and joys of married life.
  • Real-Life Experiences: The book shares real-life experiences of the authors, making it relatable and authentic.
  • Open Communication: Foster open and honest communication to strengthen the bond between partners.
  • Embrace Imperfections: Accept each other’s flaws and imperfections, recognizing that nobody is perfect.
  • Maintaining Intimacy: Prioritize intimacy in a long-term relationship to keep the spark alive.
  • Compromise and Flexibility: Be willing to compromise and remain flexible in addressing conflicts and challenges.
  • Supporting Each Other: Provide emotional support and be each other’s biggest cheerleader.
  • Appreciation and Gratitude: Express appreciation and gratitude for each other’s contributions to the relationship.
  • Learning and Growing Together: Continuously learn and grow together, evolving as individuals and as a couple.
  • Love and Laughter: Cultivate love and laughter as fundamental elements that bond couples together.



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